Thorn the God Emperor

The Chosen One who achieved Godhood at the cost of redemption


Once, just a punk orphan left at an Adventurer’s Academy, until a prophecy led Lord Ithmoor to destroy all the orphanage/academies to prevent his demise. Rising from the blood and dust, Thorn and his fellow survivors surpassed all the odds: assassination attempts, hostile armies, betrayel, dragons. When offered a chance to join Ithmoor, he spat in his face, and his inner arcane fire burned all the brighter. Years went by, raiding the Usurper’s fleet, cutting supply lines, and fostering alliances. His band, now called “The Remnants” by those who opposed Ithmoor, even stepped up to bodygaurding the gods, who were in danger of being eaten by the crazed sorceror. The moment came to cut Ithmoor off from his source of Diephagy, and it was up to Thorn to destroy his source of power. To end it, Thorn would have to kill and absorb the powers of a god, one a willing, good but obscure diety, the other, an opposed, evil but powerful diety. Knowing The Remnants would need every shred of power, he sacrificed his own chance of redemption and swallowed the essence of Hextor, God of Tyrrany. Emerging as a new being, he elevated his friends to a semi-divine status as his servants: his shield, his fist, and his eyes. It wasn’t long before they stood before the Usurper. Thorn uttered a single syllable, changing his form to glass, and with much pleasure, they raised their weapons, and reduced Lord Ithmoor to dust.

Some years have passed since then. The God-Emperor has solidified ties between the nations of the empire and has brought most of the continent under his iron sceptor. Those who sided with Ithmoor face backbreaking labor while those who supported The Remnants now live comfortably. The city of Bruk has been repaired beyond its former glory, and now sports a memorial to Felis, a fallen comrade. The Imperial Palace, erected by Irthir, is the most marvelous peice of engineering, fortification, and luxury to be seen in all the world.

Thorn the God Emperor

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