Fort Primus

The first settlement on Terra Nova, built by the survivors of the IS Dragonnesmeade. This walled structure was at first constantly attacked by the indigenous population of goblins and a feral brass dragon. However, thanks to the murderous intentions of a few unique survivors, the dragon is no more, and his goblin worshippers are scattered and leaderless.

Of note in the Fort:

Captain Dalesh plans to move into the Titan ruins left by the fleeing goblins. Perhaps with a few bouglie slaves as well.

Quartermaster Drumgar is working on some dragonhide equipment at the request of the PC’s.

Magus Iornth while still sifting through his scrolls and seeking an answer to what happened to the fleet, Iornth would be very interested in any rubbings of titan runes or anything about the Pathfinder

Fort Primus

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